I learn something new from Doug every day. Whether it’s him telling me to never ever settle with anything in life or him telling me to buy whatever I want at the grocery store, regardless of the price, because you never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow or in 5 minutes. He makes me enjoy and appreciate life more than I ever have. It takes a special person to truly know the meaning of their life & it’s starting to rub off on me. He has this sense of positivity & goodness that everybody whose around him can feel & that’s what I like most about him I think. Besides maybe his cute face. I’ve never met anyone like him in my life & I’m so happy I get to call him mine. He leaves me giddy & smiley & I’m sleepy and delusional & we’ve gotten to the point when it’s weird if one of us isn’t sleeping over the other ones house. I never write things like this but I can’t get him off my mind right now, or ever.


my goodness, this is such a beautiful house!


Costa Rica from above by Katka Samková




Van Gogh vibes || #vsco #vscocam

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